Hi! My name is Lauren, by the way 🙂

Hello! Thank you for wanting to know more about what this site is all about.



As mentioned in my first post, I am a former English teacher who has recently begun the journey to becoming a children’s librarian.  I’ve had the chance to work with kids all over the city, from Brooklyn to Chinatown and the Lower East Side. But, nothing compares to the South Bronx.  I began living and working here 5 years ago.  In my experience, the communities and cultures here show a vibrancy, resilience, creativity, resourcefulness and strength that is unique, beautiful and worthy of celebration. It’s a joy to call the Bronx home and it deserves to be bragged on, so…



My hope is that this site can become a resource for families, educators, formal and informal, and fellow Bronxites looking to discover and enjoy their home more and more.  You’ll find 3 main sections on the blog:

Books: I’m passionate about kids here getting to experience characters, settings and situations they can relate to in the literature they read, so my reviews will focus on books that feature the diverse cultures and experiences of the Bronx.

Bakes: I also love to bake and love coming up with ways to make reading joyful and fun for kids.  In this section you’ll find recipes, projects and activities that have been inspired by children’s books and can be done with kids to help them love reading more and more.

Bronx: There is so much to explore in the Bronx, so this section will feature visit-worthy places and events (with suggestions of a few books you can read on your trip, of course!).  It will also include interviews with people who are examples of what makes the Bronx so awesome.


I’m excited to share what I’m learning and finding and hope you’ll do the same. My desire is that this site would become a place where people who share a love of the Bronx community and its kids can exchange ideas, tips and resources. If that sounds up your alley, subscribe to the blog to stay in the loop!

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