Street Art “Faces from the Block”

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If you live in the South Bronx and like to enjoy a good stroll every now and again, then you’ve likely come across some of the incredible art that brightens our streets.  If you make your way over to Brook Avenue and 140th street in Mott Haven, you will discover a corner that has been transformed by the vibrant, vivid images of a project entitled “Faces from the Block.”


It is a collaboration between photographer Ricky Flores and the Brazilian artists Ananda Nahu and Izolag Armeidah.  They’ve created what Ananda calls “an explosive and loving interpretation of the residents of the South Bronx.”  Read more about the artists and this project in this interview on

By F. Isabel Campoy and Theresa Howell. Illustrated by Rafael Lopez. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2016.

Kids will love and be amazed by the bright colors, intricate designs and blending of imagery from nature and the street.  Great readings to accompany your visit would be “Maybe Something Beautiful,” which tells the story of a little girl and a street artist who transform their neighborhood from gray and blank to a living art gallery.  This is based on a true story of San Diego’s East Village and could definitely get your little one looking at your very own block as a blank canvas waiting for some color. Bring some sidewalk chalk along on your visit and see what happens…

Written by Laban Carrick Hill. Illustrated by Theodore Taylor III. Roaring Book Press, 2013.

Another great book to read on a visit to “Faces from the Block” would be “When the Beat Was Born,” which tells the story of DJ Kool Herc and the creation of Hip Hop.  The Brook Ave/140th murals feature images of a classic boom box and turntable, so if your child is musically-inclined, they would love learning the musical history of their innovative, world-influencing borough.

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